Do you “self-care”? Most of us don’t. We take care of everyone around us, but forget the most important person to take care of is ourselves, especially when we’re stressed or filled with anxiety or filled with fear of what will happen next. Unfortunately, this crazy world we live in promotes feelings of inadequacy and not being “good enough.” But, remember:

We have choices!

We can wallow in the negative or we can find solutions.

Much of the self-care advice available is based on a “one size fits all” template. Do this, don’t do that. And some of it is very good. But, instead, what if you can tailor your own self-care of body, mind, and soul to your own personal needs? To find something that fits you perfectly? Self-care is about creating and following specific “rules” that apply to YOU.

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We’ll help you to find your own path and encourage behaviors to create physical, mental, and spiritual health and happiness.

Many of our symposiums, blogs, and videos are directed toward specific aspects of self-care: writers, healers, seekers; but any of them can be useful to anyone. Our experts are all accomplished and successful in their own fields. They also are skilled in assisting people to find joy and achievement in self-care.  

For Writers

Writing can feel like opening a vein and letting the blood flow, which is often frustrating and lonely. This symposium will be overflowing with ideas for self-care, specifically directed toward helping writers to find workable solutions on three levels, body, mind, and soul.


  • The Impact of a Story

    The Impact of a Story

    Do our stories have impact on our readers? Can we change a life? How do we change a life? All of those questions are hard ones to answer. As an avid reader for my entire life, I have been impacted by more stories than I can describe. In fact, sometimes I learned a lot of…

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For Healers

All types of healers need self-care. And so many of them don’t honor their own needs. The ones who give so much, need to receive much also. How are you receiving? What self-care do you practice?

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For Seekers

Anyone can be a seeker. All you need is a healthy curiosity and an open mind! But we also need a good, solid base of knowledge about ourselves and our needs.

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